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Training for trainers on the topic of advocacy activity in Bishkek

A training for trainers on the topic of advocacy activity was held in Bishkek December 21 – 26, 2015.

The aim of the event is to train trainers by advocacy for further training and provision of technical assistance in planning and provision of advocacy activity for representatives of the Central Asian Network of PLWH (CAC) at the national and local levels. Among the tasks:

-Should provide by participants a technical knowledge and skills that would allow them to conduct mini orientation at the end of the training, and in the future trainings and provision of technical assistance on by advocacy activity for PLHIV representatives.

• Improve knowledge and skills in advocacy.

• Improve coaching skills.

• Improve facilitation skills.

Trainers and facilitators: Trukhan Elena, Semerik Oleg, consultants of Futures Group, Ukraine, Assembekov Batyrbek, representative of Futures Group in Central Asia, Kazakhstan.

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