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Training “Adherence to treatment of tuberculosis” in Temirtau

Training course “Adherence to the treatment of tuberculosis” on the basis of NGOs was held on July 9, 2016 in Temirtau. Public charitable foundation “Shapagat”. The training was organized by a community worker within the framework of the project “Increasing the meaningful participation of civil society in reducing the burden of TB in Kazakhstan”.

To conduct the training, an infectious disease specialist from the Temirtau department of the Karaganda regional center for the prevention and control of AIDS of the Karaganda Oblast Health Department was invited.

The participants of the training were provided with information on the diagnosis and treatment of pulmonary TB. The doctor paid special attention to the issues of adherence to the treatment, which is the key to complete recovery from TB and eliminating the risk of forming the resistance of the “Koch sticks” to the standard TB treatment regimen. Many questions were discussed on extrapulmonary forms of tuberculosis.

Also, the training focused on the participation and role of people affected by TB who work in public organizations, in providing assistance and support to patients with tuberculosis at all levels: support groups; consulting; providing social and psychological assistance.

Participants asked questions, actively participated in discussions and discussions on the topics of the training.

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