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The premiere of the film about women with HIV

Premiere of the documentary film “A Woman Who Lives!” was held in the UN building in December 14, 2015 in Almaty, Production – AURORA FILM PRODUCTION.

The film was prepared specifically for the World AIDS Day, with the support of the UN-Woman multi-country structure in Central Asia (Kazakhstan) and the Central Asian Association of People Living with HIV. Filming was conducted in Kazakhstan and Tajikistan.

What is it like to be a woman with HIV? This question in the film is answered by the women themselves, they frankly tell about their most pressing problems, decisions, achievements and changes.

“In the world, every minute a young woman becomes infected with HIV”

“The most common infection is sexually transmitted”

“Among women 15-24 years of age, HIV is twice as likely as among men of the same age”

“Girls and women face with a higher risk of HIV infection than men, because their lower socioeconomic status significantly reduces the chances for choosing safer and less risky for health life strategies.”

The premiere was attended by the film’s heroines, show organizers, representatives of international public organizations, Ruben Kazaryan is director , Natalia is editor Kazaryan, Kairat Aubakirov and Saule Atabekova are composers.

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