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Cascade trainings for doctors in Bishkek

Cascade trainings for physicians on the formation of tolerant attitude to PLHIV and groups of risky behavior were held in February 8-9, 2016 in Bishkek . The trainings took place within the framework of the “Leader of People Living with HIV” Project, implemented by the Central Asian Association of People Living with HIV, funded by the United States Agency for International Development.

The training was attended by doctors from: Osh, Osh Region, Kara-Balta, Kant, Tokmok, Chui region and Bishkek.

In the course of the cascade trainings, trainers from Kyrgyzstan, trained in the ToT training “Creating a tolerant attitude towards people living with HIV, and representatives of high-risk groups among medical workers”, supplemented the knowledge of medical workers in the field of HIV infection.

The relevance of these cascade trainings is related to the integration of PLHIV in the primary link, with the existence of facts of violations of the rights of PLHIV in the form of manifestations of stigma and discrimination. In Kyrgyzstan, people living with HIV most often face stigma and discrimination in medical institutions. Violations of the rights of PLHIV, stigma and discrimination lead to poor health, psychological and family problems.

“Training by formation a tolerant attitude towards people living with HIV and representatives of high-risk groups among medical workers can have a positive impact on attitudes towards people living with HIV from health professionals, reduce level of stigma and discrimination, increase access to PLHIV for treatment “- says the head of the” Association of the Country Network of People Living with HIV “Eugene Kalinichenko.

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