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The action “Our health is in your hands!” in Bishkek

Action was dedicated onMay 22, 2016 in Bishkek, to the International Day of Remembrance of People Deceased of AIDS “Our health is in your hands!”

A friendly football match between the teams of people living with HIV (PLHIV) and using drugs was held on the playground of the park zone. The winner’s team was awarded the cup. Also children’s swings were painted near the football field by participants of the action, than they pleased the children and mothers who are also taking part in the action.

“With the help of this action,” says Evgenia Kalinichenko, the head of the Country Network of PLWH, “we want to preserve the memory of those whose lifes the epidemic has taken, draw the attention of the public and especially young people to the problem of stigma and discrimination against PLHIV, to give an opportunity to think about what this problem can affect everyone.

There was the transition to public funding has begun in Kyrgystan, the main and main task remains the possibility of purchasing ARVT for people living with HIV from the state budget. Lack of vital therapy is one of the causes of death of PLHIV. Since the beginning of the epidemic since 1987, 420 people have died in the Kyrgyz Republic. And that’s why people living with HIV express concern over the extent to which state officials already think about HIV treatment in the Kyrgyz Republic and are putting money into the budget.

The action was part of the USAID project “Leader of People Living with HIV”, implemented by the Central Asian Association of People Living with HIV.

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