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“Stigma Index” Survey meeting in Dushanbe

On July 27, 2015 in Dushanbe there was held a consultative meeting to discuss the “Stigma Index” survey issues.

The meeting was attended by key partners involved in the survey. Public organization “Spin Plus” that implementing the survey in Tajikistan, during the meeting, gained the support of the deputy chief physician of the Republican AIDS Center for interviews in remote areas of the city of Dushanbe. Support is in communication with local AIDS Centers in conducting the survey and assistance in accessing respondents.

In his presentation, Ulugbek Aminov, UNAIDS Country Manager, noted that in Tajikistan due to the high level of gender inequality, the blame for the HIV infection is often the responsibility of the woman. The existing stigma prevents the identification of new cases of HIV infection, because people are afraid to get tested.

Denis Kamaldinov, UNAIDS consultant, spoke about the aims and objectives of the survey. He noted that by the end of 2013 more than 50 countries in the world have conducted surveys using this method. The results of this will be presented at the end of September 2015 in the form of national reports.

A distinctive feature of the “Stigma Index” survey is that it was conducted by the community of people living with HIV.

Data collected during the survey can be used to enable the components to combat stigma in a new country an application for funding from the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, as well as in the development of the next National AIDS Programme in Tajikistan.

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