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In Almaty with the participation of the Central Asia AIDS PLWH opened a photo exhibition “Take off from women labels!”

In the framework of the global campaign “16 Active Actions Against Violence Against Women”, photo exhibitions “Take Off Women’s Labels!” was opened on November 25, 2016 in Almaty.

The purpose of the event is to attract public attention to stigma and discrimination as the main reason for violence against women, to show that violence can be suffered by any woman, despite social status, age, nationality, marital status and other factors. The exhibition is based on photo-stories of women who have been subjected to various types of violence, as well as portraits of activists who help victims of violence. “Any violence is considered a crime” – this is the leitmotif of every photo. After all, the labels “Itself is to blame!”, “Born a woman – bear it!” And others only strengthens the stigma against women and does not promote zero tolerance for violence. Each of the heroines, whether a woman with HIV, a refugee, a former convict or a woman who uses drugs, reveals faces and hearts to all potential viewers.

Organizers of the photo exhibition: Multi-country department of UN-Women in Central Asia, Central Asian Association of People Living with HIV, Union of Crisis Centers of Kazakhstan, Feminita, AIDS Foundation East-West in Kazakhstan, Tengri Umai gallery.

Ileyn M. Konkievich, Representative of UN-Women in Central Asia (Kazakhstan): “Violence against women and girls can be eradicated. This requires a set of measures both for preventing violence and for professional response, which require adequate funding. No wonder this year the theme of the campaign is “We will raise funds for the elimination of violence against women.” We call on the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, donors and the business structure to allocate more funds to combat violence. ”

Nurali Amanzholov, President of the Central Asian Association of People Living with HIV: “The topic of violence is extremely consonant with the stigma and discrimination of HIV-positive women. In Kazakhstan, the number of women with HIV and the rate of HIV infection among women are higher than those of men. However, the true number of patients is even greater, as not all women are tested for HIV. The reason is the increased vulnerability of women in the face of this global epidemic. Despite the fact that in Kazakhstan there is access to treatment and drugs, as well as programs for medical and social support, the activity of the epidemic process is inexorably growing. Many women suffer from a lack of acceptance of HIV status as a close environment, which, in particular, leads to cases of domestic violence. “

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