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A sociological survey among the target group in Temirtau

The Kazakhstan Union of People Living with HIV within the framework of the project “Raising meaningful participation of civil society in reducing the burden of TB in Kazakhstan” conducted a sociological survey in Temirtau among 200 respondents.

Analysis of the results of the study showed that, despite the availability of access to treatment, more than a third of patients interrupted it due to lack of social support and side effects. The main factor in choosing one or another form of treatment for tuberculosis are problems such as lack of money for travel, lack of a constant source of income, lack of adequate nutrition, and others. Services for social support, according to respondents, also do not correspond to the needs of patients.

In this regard, the KazZoyuz Union of PLHIV proposes the following areas for advocacy:

– Provision of quality anti-tuberculosis drugs re-qualified by WHO.

– Provision of patients with social support services according to needs.

– Expanding the use of the outpatient form of treatment on the basis of the patient-oriented approach.

– Provision of state social contracts for civil society organizations with a view to resolving issues of psycho-social support and informing patients.

– Increasing the meaningful participation of communities from the main affected TB population groups in shaping the TB control policy in the country.

The TB-REP project is a regional project in the EECA countries to strengthen health systems for effective control of TB and MRI. The partner of the project on behalf of the European Coalition for TB is ICF “Alliance of Public Health”.

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